Kyla Winlow, LCSW

Kyla Winlow, LCSW

Counselor: Adults

Kyla believes that each of us is capable of creating the change we want to see in our lives. She feels that a strong, trusting relationship cultivated with her clients through respect, openness, and genuine care welcomes clients to awaken to their inner strengths. Kyla works with adults of sexual, relational, and gender diversity on issues regarding relationships, life transitions, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, and LGBTQIA identity. As a graduate of Dharma Yoga’s 200-hour teacher training, Kyla offers breathwork, mindfulness, meditation, and yoga in session. These techniques can help bring awareness and connection to the physical body as well as cultivate coping skills to decrease stress and anxiety. Kyla sees therapy as a journey and is honored to participate in that journey.

Professional Info

  • What is your educational background?

    I graduated from Montana State University with a Bachelor of Science in Human Services and I graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a Master of Science in Social Work.

  • How long have you been doing counseling?

    7 Years

  • What do you love most about what you do?

    What I love most about being a social worker is helping people and having the opportunity to witness people’s ability to change and grow.

  • What previous jobs have you held?

    I have worked in hospital emergency departments, a psychiatric hospital, homeless shelters, a community mental health center, college and high school counseling centers, and a residential treatment facility for adolescents.

Personal Info

  • Where are you from?

    Palmer, Alaska

  • What made you decide to become a therapist?

    I was fortunate to have a wonderful experience with a therapist when I was a teenager. That experience helped me discover my passion for helping others and guided me to a career as a social worker.

  • Hobbies

    I love the outdoors and sunshine so I am happy hiking the greenbelt with my partner and our dog, finding a spot to swim, or sitting on my deck reading a book. I also love yoga, it exercises my body while quieting my mind.

  • Where do you want to travel?

    Honesty, I want to travel everywhere! If I had to pick one place right now, I’d like to spend a few months in Peru exploring and becoming fluent in Spanish.

Areas of Experience

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