• Join The Austin Mental Health Group

Who we are:

Want to join the Austin Mental Health Group? Do you work in mental health and are you interested in joining the Austin Mental Health Group? If so, thank you for your interest in joining our group and we would love to have you! We have over 2000 members who are a community of people involved in mental health in Austin. Psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, therapists, and other doctors are members and come to our events and participate online. Online you can find resources like office space, specialists who take various insurance all over austin, workshops, jobs, marketing tips, business help, insurance advice, and we advocate for mental health, etc. We ask for a suggested donation of $20 or your fee for one session to join for a year. If you feel this group isn’t helpful for you after 60 days, we will refund your donation and unsubscribe you.

How to join:

All you have to do is click on the donate button below. After you have completed the donation, you will be taken to the link to join and finish your sign up process BUT make sure to select “Digest” as the group tends to send out 20-25 emails a day and that might overwhelm your inbox. Make sure to identify yourself as a therapist and what you do in Austin.

When you are approved, say hello to the group. You can always reach the group online by clicking groups.google.com as long as you are logged in with a Google account. You can also reply to the digest at [email protected]. You might want to save that email in your address book. That email will only work with the email address that you registered for the group with.

Where does your money go?

The money goes to help offset the time I dedicate to the group. I personally spend time organizing our networking events, educational events, researching topics to share with the group on topics like social media and technology, and advocating for our community. I also sometimes need help with our events and have outside costs that I have to cover (food, photography, etc). As the group grows, my hope is to turn it into a non-profit which is focused on community action and education for mental health in Texas.

In 2014 we added advocacy to our mix of things we did for the group. We are working with legislators and other non-profits to help sculpt the future of mental health. In 2015 this will grow as an initiative.

As of 2015, our networking events give a couple dollars from each drink sold to help a mental health organizations in Austin. The hope is that the events will allow us to meet one another, network, and have fun while doing good! If you have any more questions, please let me know.