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Just Mind in the News

just mind in the news

Just Mind is always looking to be a part of local and national discussions on various topics. Below are a couple examples of this as well as our philanthropy efforts. If you would like to contact us about being part of a news story, please email [email protected] We have a media friendly location for broadcast news.

New York Times

William Schroeder of Just Mind was quoted in the New York Times about new trends in therapy in “Now Therapists Have to Figure Out Astrology, Tarot and Psychedelics” and Eva Escobedo was quoted in “Don’t Give in to Election Stress Disorder.”

Harvard Business Review

William was interviewed by the Harvard Business Review as part of a case study on how to “Stop Second Guessing Decisions at Work.


Just Mind’s William Schroeder was quoted by Healthline in “8 Self-Care Tips for Fall in Quarantine.”

American Express open for business blog

We were quoted in the American Express Open for Business blog about “8 Tips for Hiring and Onboarding Employees with Autism.”


Just Mind’s Teri and William Schroeder wer quoted by Realtor.com “6 Surprising Things in Your Home That Can Trigger Anxiety During a Pandemic.

Business Insider

William Schroeder has worked with Texas Association of Business and the Reopen Texas (safely) Task Force. The task force has worked to create lifelines for businesses to resources. He was quoted in Business Insider about “How to Support Employees Mental Health During Coronavirus.” ($)

Scarry mommy

Curious About Tips for Navigating The Holidays When You’re Estranged From Your Family? Loren Lomme of Just Mind was quoted.


As the holidays approach, loneliness might be creeping up as well. Tips to help cope in Parade. Kelly Edwards and William Schroeder were quoted. 

Texas Association of Business

The World Health Organization found that for every $1 employers invest in mental health treatment for employees, they see a return of $4 due to improved health and productivity. 6 simple tips to improve employees’ mental health at Texas Association of Business by Just Mind.


How to Fight Fair with Your Spouse, According to a Marriage Counselor. William Schroeder of Just Mind quoted.

New Years Resolutions for New Moms Teri Schroeder and Loren Lomme were quoted.

7 Subtle Signs of Unhealthy Power Dynamics in a Marriage Kelly Edwards and William Schroeder were quoted. 

The Prepared

Austin woman

Just Mind’s Loren Lomme was quoted by Austin Woman in “The School Shooting Epidemic.” 

Reader's Digest

Just Mind’s Scott Allen and William Schroeder were featured in Readers Digest on “13 Sneaky Things in Your Home That Trigger Anxiety.”


Just Mind was featured on Yahoo in an article titled “Feel Bored in Marriage? Keep This Relationship Advice in Mind.”

Just Mind was quoted in “The Surprising Word Prince Philip Once Used to Explain his Marriage

RX Saver by retailmenot

Just Mind’s William Schroeder and Emily Stone were quoted in “4 Ways to Keep Your Depression in Check during the Holidays.

KVIA News (ACB El Paso)

William Schroeder of Just Mind was featured discussing tips to help manage “Election Anxiety” on KVIA.

CBS Austin

William Schroeder was interviewed by CBS Austin about the mental health benefits of unplugging while on vacation in “Why You Should Unplug and Digitally Detox on Your Next Vacation.”


Just Mind was quoted on AOL about “Sneaky things in your home that trigger anxiety.”


Teri Schroeder of Just Mind was quoted on WebMD in “What Is Your Non-ADHD Partner Thinking?”

The Mental Health Channel

JC Shakespeare of Just Mind was featured on The Mental Health Channel’s “The Developing Brain: On My Way Now” demonstrating EMDR and it’s use on post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD).

KWTX (Waco)

Just Mind was featured on KWTX discussing bills in the legislature such as the “harmful effects of bills targeting trans children” and “ending the practice of conversion therapy.”

Austin Home and LIfestyle

Just Mind’s Leila Levison was featured in Austin Home and Lifestyle’s article “How to respond in the face of uncertainty.”

KVUE News (ABC Austin)

Just Mind was featured on KVUE discussing “Pre-Election Anxiety Cases in Austin” and tips for managing election anxiety.


Just Mind’s William Schroeder was quoted in RetailMeNot’s article “Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder: Why Summertime Blues are Real & How to Manage.


Eileen Kinney Lindgren, a therapist at Just Mind, was quoted in this article about “5 Meaningful Ways to Say Goodbye to Your Old Home.”

William Schroeder of Just Mind was featured on MyMove.com about “Packing Tips for Pack Rats.”

Science of relationships

Just Mind was featured in The Science of Relationships on “Parents Are Less Happy”: Fact or Fiction?

KEYE News (FOX Austin)

Just Mind’s David Jenkins was interviewed by Fox 7 about the psychology of animal cruelty in “Cat Burned with Acid in North Austin.”

Google Blog

We were quoted in the Google Blog about our use of Google Posts as a small business in “Make Your Business Stand out on Google with Posts.”

Westlake high school

William Schroeder presented before parents at Westlake High School  “A Constellation of Ideas — Working with and Growing Your ADHD Teen.”

City of austin economic development department

William Schroeder of Just Mind presented at The Entrepreneur Center on “How To Manage Stress While Running A Small Business.” He discussed how to rewire your neurobiology to better cope and recognize stress.

Cheat sheet

Just Mind was quoted:


Just Mind was featured on DatingAdvice.com in “Just Mind Counseling Austin Provides Couples with the Type of Personalized Therapy They Found to Be Missing in the World.” They profiled our practice and what makes us unique.


Just Mind was  quoted by Thriveworks blog in “What Does Gaslighting Look like in a Relationship?”

Intiva Health

Just Mind was quoted in Austin based Intiva Health about health anxiety in “How Should Doctors Deal with Hypochondriacs?”


Just Mind’s Alan Nelson was quoted by Creaky Joints talking about chronic pain management in “Here’s Some Much-Needed Advice for Saying No to Plans When You Have a Chronic Illness (Without Feeling Totally Lame).”

Apartment therapy

Alan Nelson and William Schroeder were quoted on Apartment Therapy about, “Here’s Who Gets the House When an Unmarried Couple Breaks Up.”

Hogg Foundation for mental health

The Hogg Foundation featured a resource we put together that showcases affordable and low-cost mental health resources for those who need them in Austin in “In Times of Tragedy, We Are Stronger Together.”

Carol ruth

William Schroeder of Just Mind was quoted on Carol Ruth in “Tips for Partnering with Larger Brands and Companies.”


Just Mind was featured on Tidings’ “Customer Success Stories” for our use of their innovative tools for email marketing.

Carbon fund

Just Mind was featured as a partner small business in Climate Fund.


Just Mind’s Emily Stone was quoted in “How to Tell Your Partner You Want to Try Couples Therapy.


William Schroeder wrote an article on CareDash titled “What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Therapy?”

Mel Magazine

Just Mind’s David Jenkins was quoted by Mel Magazine in “Can Group Therapy Solve Men’s Mental Health Crisis?

Referral Rock

Just Mind’s William Schroeder was quoted by Referral Rock in “Content Promoting Strategies” & “Content Marketing Best Practices.”


Just Mind’s William Schroeder was quoted by Prevention.com in “How to Find Joy in Your Everyday Life (Even When Life Feels Awful).”


Infusionsoft mentioned Just Mind in their Business Success Blog regarding “How to Compete in the Local Search Space.” We were featured as an example of a small business using the latest technology from Google to help compete in local search.

MSN News

Adam Maurer of Just Mind was featured on MSN discussing “40 Major Marriage Blunder No One Over 40 Should Make.”

Healthy WOmen

William Schroeder was quoted in Healthy Women discussing selfcare during the pandemic in their article “COVID-19 and Social Isolation This Winter: The Perfect Storm.”

Very Well Mind

Teri Schroeder was quoted in Very Well Mind about “Frequent Travel Can Make for Happier Life, Study Shows.”

Blunt Therapy

William Schroeder was quoted in “Therapists thoughts on suicide.” 


Loren Lomme, RPT, LPC Discusses “Tips for parents to help kids with remote learning burnout.” 

SPectrum news