• Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling & Coaching

Through individual counseling, we help clients come to a better understanding of what they need to find individual happiness and to empower them to overcome obstacles in their path. We provide a comfortable and casual atmosphere for therapy so clients feel at ease when speaking with us. The right fit between provider and client is paramount in creating change and we work hard to try and pair you with the best match for your clinician.

Our consult areas include:

  • ADHD Counseling

    ADHD is something that affects millions of Americans in their work, friendships, relationships, and every part of their lives. Working with ADHD is a process of decoding it, understanding it, and finding new pathways through it. We utilize best practices taken from Dr. Hallowell and other thought leaders to help you minimize the interference in your own life.

  • Adult Counseling

    If you have decisions ahead of you and need to consult to figure out which way is best for you, we can help. We like to think of ourselves as personal happiness locators.

  • Aspergers and Autism Counseling

    Our practice understands that everyone is unique and there isn’t any one way to approach difficulties in life. We use a hybrid approach that is personally tailored to each individual. People who suspect they have Aspergers or Autism are likely already pretty hard on themselves. Our goal is to help them to build on their gifts and work on strategies to overcome the trickier parts.

  • Child Counseling

    In utilizing child counseling and play therapy, our approach is based on building a relationship with the child based on teamwork, acceptance, trust, nurturing interactions, and attachment. We assess a child’s relationships, personality characteristics, goals of behavior and misbehavior, and perceptions of self, others, and how the world works through the lens of their experiences. This can include things like helping kids work through divorce.

  • Depression Counseling

    Depression is one of those things in life that we have all encountered but none of us like to deal with. At Just Mind, we implement best practices and evidence-based techniques to help people break free from the things that are holding them back.

  • Dating and Relationship Counseling

    Finding new love in life is a process and one that requires careful thought in todays busy world. We can help you with your assessment and help you to understand your own past patterns.

  • EMDR Therapy

    EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) helps people heal from the symptoms and emotional distress that are the result of disturbing life experiences and it can make improvements very quickly. Think of it like a physical wound, once the object that has made the wound is removed, the healing process can begin. EMDR can help clients move through difficult events which may have taken much longer in individual therapy to fully process.

  • Family and Parenting Counseling

    Family and parenting counseling is something that many seek after deciding to have kids as many individuals find themselves in need of support. Whether it is the process of trying to have kids and potential fertility issues, pressures of trying to be a perfect parent, or building a new identity as a parent, we are here to help.

  • Grief Counseling

    Grief counseling can provide sufferers with the assistance they need to move past such feelings as there may be a tendency to avoid the pain — which can prolong it. Counselors are highly trained therapists who have years of experience working with grief and loss. They can help their clients process their loss and make meaning of something that otherwise can be very painful. Grief and loss are highly charged emotions which it can help to have support as you navigate and process these difficult experiences.

  • LGBT Counseling

    Whether you are questioning your gender identity or sexual identity, we can help. We strive to support a shame-free environment where you can decide what’s best for you about coming out with loved ones. Our therapists have a deep understanding of the unique challenges that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer individuals and couples face. You may be feeling sad, lonely, anxious, angry or concerned with your relationship. You might have questions regarding your sexuality, self-judgment, or difficulty negotiating and defining your sexuality with friends and family. Working with a therapist with whom you feel accepted and supported can help in getting clarity about these issues.

  • Personal Growth Counseling

    Personal growth counseling tends to cover a number of areas including coping techniques for anger management, anger management, finding deeper meaning in life, self-esteem improvement, and work-life balance.

  • Postpartum Depression Counseling

    Finding success with managing postpartum depression is an essential process so you can connect with your newborn and start to feel like yourself again. Some of the things we can help with are mindfulness, medications*, therapy, nutrition, exercise, improved stress management tools, sleep, and more.

  • PTSD & Trauma Counseling

    All of our clinicians work with PTSD and some have specialized training in EMDR and Somatic Experiencing to help you overcome the traumatic events you have experienced.

  • Teen Counseling

    Our therapists have spent years in the school system working with agencies and understand what it takes to tie into their world. We use a combination of talk therapy, physical activities, and artistic expression to connect with their worlds.

  • Online Counseling & Telehealth

    Just Mind offers Telehealth to its Austin clients so we can flex with your busy world. Telehealth is simply videoconferencing with your mental health provider using devices you already own like your smartphone, tablet, or laptop/desktop. Our practice uses a HIPAA compliant and encrypted system.

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Couples Counseling

Even the best marriages need a tune-up. Our specialist can help you whether you need a tuneup or you are inquiring about a complete overhaul. Most of our couples counseling appointments are 90-minute appointments. No matter where you are in your relationship we are here to help you find new ways to communicate through conflict, offer new perspectives and strategies with systemic problems, and lay a new groundwork for your relationship going forward. We tailor these to the needs of the couple and work with them to help them move through the difficulties blocking their path.

Our consult areas include:

  • Marriage 101

    This is a short term consult to illuminate some of the path ahead and work on communication skills to help partners communicate most effectively.

  • Marriage and Couples Counseling

    Are you and your partner having difficulty communicating lately? If so, we can be of service to help assess and discuss strategies to figure out new pathways to create the relationship you both desire.

  • LGBT Couples Counseling

    Gay couples encounter some unique issues in their relationships and we are here to help. Our couples therapists will work with you to solve conflicts, feel more connected, and work to help heal and grow your relationship.

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Group Counseling

Group counseling is an excellent way to study individual dynamics in a free form and a very powerful form of psychotherapy. Many individual counseling graduates elect for group therapy as a next step where they can experience and understand how they defend against many feelings in the present moment. These feelings are explored with others who are feeling similarly in a climate of curiosity and tolerance.

Regular group participation is asked of all participants and most people stay in groups 10+ weeks. This helps norms to develop which help to facilitate self-exploration and growth. This helps everyone to learn to better identify and express their feelings and have more fulfilling relationships. This tends to also propagate to work, marriages, and friendships. Prices for groups vary upon the size and the number of facilitators.

Active Groups:

  • None
  • Other Austin Therapy Groups: If we don’t have the group you are looking for, we have put together a spreadsheet of the ones we know are currently running.