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Tips to Save Money on Prescriptions: Part Two

Tips to Save Money on Prescriptions: Part Two

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The cost of medications continues to be a struggle for people but there are many ways to combat this. As I learn new tips to help you leverage costs, I will post them here. If you have suggestions, please contact me.

1) Canada eh?

Many people go online and get their prescriptions filled in Canada. I have seen people reduce their cost for Abilify to Viagra by as much as 90%. There are a number of sites out there and one that I am familiar with that had decent prices was Canada Drugs Online for some of their bipolar medications.

2) Contact big pharma

Dr. Stephen Blair wrote in to say, “Oddly enough, sometimes it is good news when a patient struggling to pay for medications has no insurance coverage. Many pharmaceutical companies have patient assistance programs to which patients can apply, and if income guidelines are met, medications can be obtained at low to no cost. A very handy website that aggregates these forms in one location is www.needymeds.com

3) Prescription assistance

TogetherRx is another option that can help you to save 25-40% on brand name drugs. This discount card was created by the pharmaceutical companies and it does have terms to qualify. Needymeds.com is another option which is structured a bit differently. It’s a nonprofit group that has grants, vouchers and general patient assistance through their website.

4) Got an iPhone? It can also help you save money.

A lot of us walk into a pharmacy and have no idea how much our prescriptions will cost. Some pharmacies post some prices online but most make it a hassle but a new app for smart phones is making that easier. Good Rx helps people to estimate what prescriptions cost and gives you a discount card that could save you 75% and it’s totally free.

5) Negotiate

People often forget that they can negotiate with the smaller pharmacies. This is yet another reason why I prefer the smaller pharmacies over the larger ones. If you use cash, you can often decrease the price of a prescription. I have heard reports of people saving $15-20 this way. Either way, talk to your pharmacist and let them know your position and they will try to help you. In Austin, I really like Med Savers. They don’t work with insurance companies and they only have generics, but they have really low costs on many meds and they are very friendly.

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