How much does counseling in austin cost

How Much Does Counseling Cost in Austin?

Counseling prices vary a lot by the market, by the provider, number of years of experience, specialization, and by service. In Austin, counseling on average tends to cost between $125 – $250 per hour and the average being around $150. If you want to know more specifics on how much does counseling cost, check out some pointers below:

  • Some therapists take insurance however, there are a number of therapists moving away from insurance due to difficulties with insurers. This includes things like slow payment, poor reimbursement rates, no increase in payment amount despite years of experience and advanced training, poor case management on the part of the insurance company, some insurers are more focused on profit than quality care, and case reviews that require informing insurance companies about specific details of your treatment. (We are not allowed to publish the insurance rates as per contracts with insurance companies but they are lower than market. Typically they are anywhere from 30% to 50% of a normal private pay hourly session.)
  • Younger therapists sometimes offer cheaper than more experienced therapists. They tend to range from $50- $140 per hour. Some may bill themselves higher but just because they cost more doesn’t mean they are better.
  • Couples counseling often tends to cost more than individual therapy. Sometimes this is due to the fact couples can require more work and therapists can’t see as many of them. This fee can range from $125 – $400 an hour. Many therapists will encourage clients to do 90-120 minute sessions to make sure whatever issues come up to have time to skillfully be resolved. The longer sessions, although more expensive, can allow for more progress to be made.
  • Niche specialties and that have extensive training tend to cost more. They often have extensive training and experience in this area that others don’t and supply often outstrips demand. This could be someone who specializes in couples who are on the Autism spectrum, as an example.
  • The number of years of experience a therapist has tends to increase their price. The more trained and experienced a therapist is, the more quickly they can help in correctly assessing an issue and providing a solution that they are well trained in implementing. Pay attention to their training see if it is relevant to your needs and ultimately if you feel comfortable with them.
  • Psychologists tend to cost more since they go to school for a longer period of time and they have a Ph.D.
  • Psychiatrists also sometimes do therapy as well. They tend to be the most expensive on this list of options since they have an MD and can also do medication management. They tend to range from $300-$600 an hour.

If you are curious about our counseling prices or if you are looking for affordable counseling in Austin, check out the provided links. Additionally, you can read Why is Therapy So Expensive? from HuffPost for a discussion about the high prices related to therapy.

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