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Scott Allen, PsyD

Scott Allen, PSYD

Counselor: Children, Teens, Adults

Dr. Scott Allen is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who has worked with individuals, groups, and families affected by autism spectrum, ADHD, and related disorders for more than 10 years. Scott‘s background is in the use of positive-behavior supports to teach skills and curb challenging behaviors. Scott’s passion is teaching individuals with ASD social skills through interest-based training. As with everyone else, individuals on the autism spectrum and with ADHD learn best when pursuing areas of interests, and most activities can be used as teaching tools. Through the use of interests and creative intervention strategies, Scott has helped young children all the way up to adults learn how to interact appropriately with others and pursue their dreams. Scott has a firm background in assessment, teacher/parent training, and program development. Scott tends to use a skill-centered, problem-solving approach in his work with individuals, groups, and families.

Areas of Specialty

Educational Background

BA Psychology- University of Michigan- Ann Arbor, Psy.D. in Clinical Child Psychology at Georgia School of Professional Psychology

Why Therapy?

I had a tough childhood and was frequently bullied as a child. I was a “late bloomer.” I tend to look out for those who are struggling, and I enjoy teaching skills that were tough for me when I was a kid. My first experience with autism spectrum disorders was in a practicum at the Emory Autism Center. I found working with individuals “on the spectrum” was a niche that I wanted to continue with throughout my career.

Professional Motivation

The ability to make a small difference in someone’s life every day.


Hiking, running gaming (video, board, tabletop), trivia, travel, and being around my loved ones. I LOVE Game of Thrones!

Previous Occupations

Ironically, my longest job was 10 years with Blockbuster video. I worked at CARD in assessment, program development, and research. I worked at Connecticut Behavioral Health as a (group, family, individual) therapist, parent coach, assessor, and school consultant. I developed autism programs in five different school districts. At College Living Experience, I am the Director of Psychological Services. I advise and mentor students, develop social programming and consult with staff on disability-related issues.

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