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Dorian Rinehart, LCSW

Dorian Rinehart, LCSW

(They, Them) | Adults, Children, Teens, Families

Dorian has been working with children, adolescents, and adults of all ages for their entire adult life.  They are trained in multiple evidence-based practices (including EMDR) and are comfortable working with all levels of trauma. They understand the parent-child connection that is formed (or not formed) in infancy and how that influences the rest of the lifespan. Dorian has worked extensively with childhood mental health issues, with adolescent issues, and with parent-child difficulties. Dorian has found parents can often resolve problems with their children by examining how they were impacted as children themselves. Dorian is sex-positive, comfortable with gender fluidity, and enjoys working with a broad spectrum of ages and life circumstances, such as depression, anxiety, sexual identity, relationship issues, and family of origin issues.  Dorian does identify as a female, but also feels such a strong connection to gender fluidity, that they feel the use of inclusive pronouns would be healing for the entire population, so they are doing their little bit to support.

Areas of Specialty

Educational Background

Masters of Science in Social Work from UT Austin.

Why Therapy?

I had a chaotic childhood and, in adulthood, found that therapy could enable me to move forward with a healthy outlook. I wanted to help others do the same.

Professional Motivation

Seeing my client’s life circumstances improve.


Singing, reading, forest walking.

Previous Occupations

I worked Child Protective Services for 7 years before getting my MSSW.

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