David Jenkins

David Jenkins, LCSW

Counselor: Adults, Couples, Teens

David’s understanding that life involves all of who we are—mind, emotions, and body—is a foundational principle in his work. His counseling experience includes work with children 9+, adolescents, adults, and families, and he particularly enjoys focusing on relationships, family, and men’s issues. He helps men channel into their deeper emotional world and explore it in a way that is non-threatening but allows for deep work. With couples, David helps each partner to channel into their emotional world and use it as a bridge to link with their partner rather than as a wall that isolates. David does a lot of experience doing couples counseling and has completed Level One of Gottman training and is trained on “Treating Trauma and Affairs” with John and Julie Gottman. David is EMDR trained.


$155 per session for individuals
$170 per session for couples & families

Areas of Specialty

Educational Background

Bachelor of Arts in Biology, UT Austin; Masters of Science and Social Work, UT Austin

Why Therapy?

I came to realize that I have a keen interest in understanding how we as human beings are put together and operate, in all the various ways that we show up, and that being of direct service to others was a natural calling for me – it’s what I’m here for.

Professional Motivation

Connecting with people in a deep way; exploring the influences of spirituality; being real/authentic with my clients, as fellow human beings trying to make sense of our lives; Getting to see how the things I have learned in my own life and training can really be useful for others; expanding myself as my edges get stretched.


Gardening, home projects, swimming, movies, biking, cooking, playing with our cats

Previous Occupations

Previous to counseling I worked in retail furniture sales, as a massage therapist, and in kitten rescue.

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