Brett Brightwell, LMFT

Brett Brightwell, LMFT

Counselor: Adults, Couples

Brett is a licensed marriage and family therapist and has worked as a counselor for over a decade. She is a certified anxiety therapist, has training in Levels I and II Gottman Method Couples therapy , as well as training in family systems and evidence based practices and techniques.

Brett believes therapy should involve a strong collaboration between the client/s and the therapist. She feels that when a client is an active part of the decisions, the ideas, the direction, the relationship, and the motivation throughout the therapeutic process it leads to a more direct path in achieving the desired change/s. She fully understands that being in a relationship of any kind can be difficult and believes that most people can benefit from receiving help in navigating the obstacles that we are bound to encounter within love, family, friends and life. She really enjoys being a part of that process, with her clients. Brett’s role as a therapist is to collaborate with, empathize with, support, understand, and encourage her clients.


$170 per session for individuals
$185 per session for couples & families

Areas of Specialty

Educational Background

Undergraduate degree with a Major in Speech and Language Pathology and Audiology and a Minor in Psychology, from Emerson College in Boston, MA. Studied Masters level Business classes at UT Dallas. Master’s in Counseling, specializing in marriage and family therapy at St. Edward’s University.

Why Therapy?

I decided to become a therapist after noticing my growing interest in relationships of all kinds throughout my childhood and young adult life, and how drawn I was to talking with others about their lives, struggles, happiness, and anything in between. I did my first science fair project in the 7th grade, on the study of addiction and genetics using data from a psychiatric facility, where I would volunteer in my youth. My connection to therapy also stemmed from my constant interest in reading articles and published materials on all kinds of subjects related to counseling, relationships, and psychology, outside of any work or schooling. I also studied Autism/ASD as an undergraduate student and then worked as a teacher with students who were ages 2 to 15, as well as their families. I became very invested in understanding and implementing different teaching work with all members of the families with whom I worked. I eventually realized that I wanted to work with individual adults and couples through counseling and went to graduate school for that Master’s degree, and then followed it up by working in private practice. In my time doing this work, I have never regretted the decision to pursue this career and find it extremely fulfilling.

Professional Motivation

My clients and the amazing things I learn about them as positive and diverse human beings.


I love being physically active and was a serious gymnast from the age of 6 through 15. I then became a soccer, basketball, softball and track athlete at school. I played soccer through college and into my adult years. I love running and walking for exercise as well as as most sports. I also love reading and do it every day if I am able!

Previous Occupations

Teacher in Special Education and for students diagnosed with ASD, Traumatic Brain Injury, ADD/ADHD, Cerebral palsy, and Down Syndrome. Executive Director for a non-profit organization (helped start-up technology companies with finding funding, writing business plans, networking, marketing, hiring, etc). Account Manager for an Education Software company (online software for college and graduate level courses for advanced studies of Chemistry, Physics, Bio-Chemistry, Advanced Calculus, Advanced Algebra, etc).

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