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What is the treatment for ASD?

Behavior Treatments – This treatment focused on teaching applicable skills and behaviors while reducing or eliminating negative, dysfunctional habits. They must be consistent and ensue in all suitable settings.

Mindfulness – “The intentional, accepting and non-judgmental focus of one’s attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment.” What this means is working to build our awareness of our inner world and work to not have negative emotions or stimulus flood and overwhelm us.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy – CBT and stress management are important because they help the child or adult with Asperger’s learn to deal with anxiety, anger and obsessions. Therapists usually use two principal methods of behavior therapy to advance self-help skills and decrease the occurrence of self-harm activities.

Modeling – this involves a demonstration of a desired skill or behavior, and then directing or encouraging the Asperger’s person to duplicate it. Modeling is useful behavior treatment in nearly all settings.

Enhancing Social Competence – social skills are taught using a variety of methods and settings such as: friendship groups at school, classroom activities, group therapy programs, buddy or mentoring programs, and peer therapy.

Targeted Intervention Strategies – recently interventions studies focused on teaching distinct aspects of social aptitude, such as joint attention, emotion recognition, and theory of mind abilities.

Important to Remember – Most important to consider is that when it comes to behavior treatments, everyone in the Asperger’s person’s life must make an effort to work jointly as a team. Parents, mental health professionals, pediatricians, neurologist, educators, occupational therapists, and other professionals must all cooperate to make sure everyone involved meets the person’s needs.