Best practices for treating PTSD

PTSD and trauma are very common in the US. More than 50% of our population has been exposed to a traumatic events and the ACES Study proves without a doubt the lifelong impact of children witnessing trauma by showing the amount of trauma directly correlates with drug abuse, suicide potential, and homelessness. Here are APA […]

Clearwater Psychiatry and Wellness

Clearwater Psychiatry and Wellness – As Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners, we see mental illnesses as diseases, not unlike diabetes, hypertension or asthma. Our practice focuses on science-based treatments and a balanced approach to mental health. We take a variety of insurance.

Is online counseling effective?

Is online counseling effective? This has been chronicled by a large body of research. They have found that there is no difference in the effectiveness of online versus traditional counseling methods. We have found that most clients prefer it as it allows them even greater schedule flexibility and the ability to do more vulnerable work […]

Is online counseling covered by insurance?

This varies by insurance plan. During the pandemic, most are allowing online counseling however it helps to check to make sure. You might want to call your insurance company to ask “is online counseling covered by insurance” and to encourage them to keep offering telehealth support as a covered option as an ongoing item. We […]

Do you offer online therapy in Texas?

We offer online therapy in Texas and to every area where there is high-speed internet. This includes online counseling in Houston, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, Ft. Worth, Denton, Waco, Galveston, Lubbock, San Marcos, New Braunfels, and any other city with broadband. Our services include online counseling for children, teens, adults, and […]

Is the quality of care the same as an in-person visit?

The quality of online counseling as a method of healthcare delivery is confirmed by decades of research and demonstrations. Telehealth and online counseling has been found to be a safe, cost-effective and convenient way to provide healthcare services.

How does internet connection affect telehealth?

Having a good internet connection is ideal to get the best benefit from telehealth. Tips: Ideally, you should be near your router and be connected to the internet via a cable. Alternatively, if you have wifi, try to locate yourself near to your access point to increase your signal. You should also try to reduce […]

Is online counseling private and secure?

Yes, but only when conducted using an encrypted platform. We will be using Google Meet, which is encrypted and secure. Consumer apps like Facetime, Skype, and Zoom are not secure enough for video visits (they may offer HIPAA compliant versions). The counselor you are assigned to will help you set this up.