What is the reason for anxiety?

Anxiety may be caused by a life event, a physical condition, psychological stressors which have accumulated, or a combination of these. Certain people may be more anxious in their daily lives and thus may be more predisposed to anxiety. Anxiety is commonly tied to a number of diagnoses like ADHD, OCD, phobia, social anxiety, and depression, […]

What is the cure for anxiety and can you be treated for anxiety?

For most clients, the “cure” for anxiety is growing to understand what causes it and building better coping mechanisms or trying a specific therapeutic approach to manage it. This can be things like breathing techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, biofeedback, EMDR, or a somatic approach. These things work better in the long haul than […]

Can anxiety actually kill you?

Anxiety won’t kill you but it can make life significantly more difficult if left untreated. Clients who do not work on understanding and coping with their anxiety can end up greatly missing out on life events they desire, friendships, and opportunities in life. They may also suffer by spending more time sick or going to […]

Why do we get anxious?

Anxiety is a conditioned response to a perceived negative stimulus. The body releases adrenaline, endorphins, and cortisol when you are feeling anxious or stressed. These are things that are natural stimulants to help us keep away from danger but sometimes they can be triggered by common life events. This combined with the physical sensations of […]

What is anxiety?

Most people feel anxious at some point. Anxiety is a sense of fear and worry that something is wrong. Such feelings are common in people of all ages and backgrounds. Anxiety can be useful as it helps people focus on dangers. It can also help motivate people to solve their problem. However, feelings of worry […]