What Are Panic Attacks?

What are panic attacks?

By Daniel Hochman, MD and William Schroeder, LPC Have you ever wondered what are panic attacks and why do people have them? Panic attack symptoms can be incredibly debilitating and embarrassing, and change the way people live. If they make you avoid grocery store and roads, it makes life pretty darn hard to navigate. You […]

Pacify Your Panic

Pacify Your Panic

Disclaimer: If you are having worrisome bodily symptoms, this blog should in no way, shape, or form serve as a replacement for visiting a doctor. Use the strategies mentioned in this blog only once you visit a doctor and confirm that your symptoms are not indications of a more serious condition. One of the most important steps in […]

Opinion: Hypochondria Is Funny, but Not in a Ha-Ha Way

Opinion: Hypochondria is Funny, But Not in a Ha-Ha Way

By Lauren Modery of Hipstercrite I loved watching Woody Allen films as a teenager because as a bad Jew (“bad” in that I’m still not quite sure when Rosh Hashanah is), I found him not only hysterical, but relatable as well. There was one facet of his character -which also happens to be a real-life […]

How Stuff Works: Breathing into a Bag for Panic Attacks

How Stuff Works: Breathing into a Bag for Panic Attacks

By William Schroeder Have you ever wondered why people are told to breathe into a bag when they have panic attacks? When people panic, they tend to take in too much Oxygen. When we are over oxygenated, our body changes, but part of the focus is on the PH level changes that happen which create […]

What to Do When You Are Having a Panic Attack

What to do when you are having a panic attack

Panic attacks are so intense that many people will think they are having a heart attack and end up in emergency rooms. In my own experience, they have felt like someone has taken wire and laced it around my ribs and is pulling it taught. My lungs will feel like they can’t take in enough […]