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Self-Love in the Time of Corona

Self-Love in the Time of Corona

By Emily Stone, PhD LMFT-S

We have said it in different ways.

These are strange times. 

We are in unprecedented days. 

Everything feels topsy-turvy. 

This is so weird! 

What day is it?!

Things DO feel strange. There is uncertainty and many moments of feeling overwhelmed. I often hear clients chastise themselves for feeling their feelings. We can be angry about being angry, sad about being sad, and anxious about being anxious. As the saying goes, feelings are meant to be felt and when we resent them for their purpose (being felt!) we tend to spiral further into our hole. 

Things feel overwhelming right now because they ARE overwhelming. No one has been a parent during a time like this season. No one has been a partner, an employee, a business owner, a friend, a pet owner, a church member… no one has been a HUMAN during a season such as this. Each of these roles will look different right now. They will look different each day. We are all making this up as we go along. We are all building this airplane while we try to fly it.

You might find yourself missing pieces of your old rhythms. Things you complained about, like your morning commute, were also anchors to your day. That commute is also when you had quiet time, coffee and listened to a podcast. For a week or two you could feel like you are in a “free fall”. For the first week or two, you might notice yourself stress eating, sleeping at odd hours, binge watching shows, and skipping your workouts. Of COURSE you are in a free fall for a week or two. Who wouldn’t be? Your routine has been disrupted and it takes time to establish a new one.

As you settle into this new temporary normal, look for ways to create a gentle routine for you day. A walk every morning, a facetime call to a friend every day, eating meals at the same time…all of these seemingly small choices give you new scaffolding onto which your body, mind and emotions can come to trust. 

Routines and rhythms are signals to our bodies, minds, and emotions that you are safe. You do not need a rigid, hour by hour, army-like schedule. You DO need good, solid, gentle self-parenting. You DO need lavish self-love and care.

During this time of isolation it can be helpful to take a few moments to do “brain breaks” through short mindfulness and breathing experiences. Below are several simple quick ways to help yourself through this challenging time.

Photo by Randy Jacob on Unsplash

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