Linus Streckfus, LPC Intern, NCC

Linus Streckfus, LPC Intern, NCC

Counselor, Adults

A lifelong fascination with the mind, creativity, and what moves us to redefine and reinvent ourselves led Linus to become a psychotherapist. He practices insight-oriented and experiential psychodynamic psychotherapy to help adults in
transition and crisis seeking personal growth and more nurturing, satisfying relationships. He works with middle age adults, artists and performers, couples, and also adults seeking change around substance behavior. A National Certified Counselor, he has worked in community agency settings focused on anxiety and depression, and, as an intern, in residential treatment center and IOP settings focused on grounding, mindful awareness, and self-compassion meditation practices. With couples, he specializes in de-escalation and building a strong healing bond between partners.

Supervised by Travis Sebera, LPC-S.

Professional Info

  • What is your educational background?

    I have a Master’s from Texas State University, and a BA from University of Chicago.

  • How long have you been doing counseling?

    3 years

  • What do you love most about what you do?

    I love helping someone to realize their talents and dreams. Or to re-discover their capacity to imagine and plan a next move. Aha moments.

  • What previous jobs have you held?

    Coffee farmer, Rock musician, Writing tutor

Personal Info

  • Where are you from?

    I’m a native Texan.

  • What made you decide to become a therapist?

    The seed existed within me all along, just waiting to be watered by my life’s experiences. As a young person I was significantly influenced by a mentor who taught high school psychology. I thought of myself, however, as an artist. Psychology never struck me as a career interest; in fact, it seemed more relevant to the creative life of an artist, and I looked toward existentialism and theories of the unconscious for inspiration. After crisis and transition, I turned my lifelong interest in psychology towards developing skills and competencies in mental health counseling for individuals and families at Texas State University in San Marcos. My broad life experience of surviving setbacks and working to heal past difficulties led me to discover resilience in myself and to commit to helping others along the path.

  • Hobbies

    Writing, music, art galleries.

  • Where do you want to travel?

    Australian outback

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