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The concept of coaching isn’t new, in fact, most people have used a coach at some point in their lives. Athletes use sports coaches, many entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other executives use business coaches, and even actors use acting coaches. But, there’s another type of coaching that most people aren’t as familiar with, life coaching.

Why might you want a life coach?

Your day to day is functional but not peak. You are getting by but maybe something is missing to get more enjoyment or ways to gain more fulfillment. Life coaches are practitioners and life-long students of coaching psychology, a field focused on the scientific study of happiness and well-being.

Our life coaches hope to instill a growth mindset characterized by curiosity, letting go of unattainable perfectionism, and being kinder to yourself and others. If you are looking for a life coach in Austin, near Austin,  or a life coach near you elsewhere in Texas, contact us today to get started.

What do life coaches do?

Professional life coaches have long been recognized for their skills in helping motivated individuals perform at their best. Additionally life coaches are  supportive accountability partners and can help people improve their general wellbeing.

Life coaches are trained to help clients develop and implement personal improvement plans by:


Audrey Eger Thompson, M.S.

Certified Executive and Wellness Coach

Audrey is passionate about working with individuals by envisioning their long-term priorities and identifying the path to reach them. As an accountability partner, Audrey’s approach helps clients realize their strengths, motivators, and patterns that may constrain growth.

As a life coach in Austin, she addresses ways to manage daily demands while pursuing their vision. A long-time practitioner of individual and organizational change, she employs mindfulness, active listening, and positive psychology to build self-confidence and increase resiliency, building skills in her clients that extend beyond their current role. Her approach to coaching incorporates her firm belief that personal wellness is tied to business success. 

Coaching is a trusting dynamic between individuals. The person being coached often seeks to achieve a goal, get clarity or overcome an obstacle. I offer support in this process by listening, asking questions and possibly challenging what is being expressed. Through the act of relating to a coach, by voicing, expressing, being heard, having a dialogue, and getting feedback, ideas emerge and become clearer, goals come alive and action steps can be shaped. In the confidential space of the coaching dialogue, the focus is on the person being coached and achieving their goals and intentions: two people working on one agenda while maintaining their autonomy as individuals. I would be honored to support you as your coach.

Audrey’s mother, Dr. Edith Eger, is a Holocaust survivor. Her book, The Choice, a New York Times bestseller, chronicles her experiences and the wisdom that grew out of them. Audrey will be offering a group based on this work called, “Using Choice as a path for Transformation.”

Should I see a therapist or a life coach?

Psychotherapy (“talk therapy”) or counseling is an effective means of diagnosing and treating psychological disorders. A disorder is any ongoing, unmanaged mental health problem that causes you significant distress and compromises your daily functioning at work, life, or in your relationships. Psychotherapy tends to focus on healing issues related to childhood and your family of origin, as well as addressing trauma.

Coaching, on the other hand, is for individuals who are mentally healthy and fully functioning. It’s not focused on pathologizing but instead is designed to increase your level of performance through goal-setting and problem-solving. Coaching, while grounded in evidence-based psychology and human behavior methods is more focused on helping you optimize your potential by identifying blind spots, filling skill gaps, and moving past internal or external roadblocks.

Available Coaching Services in Austin, TX

Leadership Coaching

In leadership coaching, we help you navigate work relationships and leadership decisions and dynamics. We work in partnership with you to develop and grow your career. Our partnership may include: 

  • Identifying vision and goals
  • Create a personalized plan to achieve desired results 
  • Preparing and rehearsing for high stakes meetings or difficult conversations
  • Understanding communication dynamics and your impact on others
  • Improving overall work performance and satisfaction

Life & Health Coaching

 A well-designed life brings greater satisfaction, better health and increased resilience. In life and health coaching we help you become the architect of the life you deserve. Our sessions my include: 

  • Defining a vision for your life 
  • Looking for patterns in your life that point you to your true purpose
  • Identifying self-care & health goals and ways to achieve them
  • Reimagining life with more joy & gratitude
  • Recognizing long standing thoughts and behaviors that sabotage results and designing strategies to overcome these negative habits 

Transition Coaching

You may be seeking a transition or you may being forced into a transition in your family, your job or in another area in your life.  We will support you as you work through the challenges and opportunities inherent in change. Our life transition sessions may include:

  • Discovering what your heart desires
  • Refocusing your life for more impact, influence and inspiration 
  • Evaluate what has worked and what to avoid
  • Identify and optimize your natural strengths
  • Rehearsing for your new role 
  • Practicing self- compassion skills


Using Choice as a path for Transformation
Do your thoughts keep you awake at night and nip at you during the day? Thoughts like: “I don’t know how I’m going to make it through this.” “ Life is too hard.” “People aren’t there for me.” “Nothing works out.” 

In a safe, warm, and supportive group setting, our six week workshop will give you the tools to liberate yourself from negative self-talk and the residue of painful memories so you can create a new direction and know joy and satisfaction. 


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