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Life Coaching Austin TX

Life Coaching in Austin, TX

When you’re in a period of transition, aren’t sure how to move forward, or simply feel as though something in your life is “off” but you’re not sure what that something is—or what to do about it—you could probably benefit from seeing a life coach.

Life coaches are part motivational speaker and part sleuth, working with you to uncover your desires, as well as any blockages that may be preventing you from finding a deeper sense of fulfillment. Your life coach might help you establish key habits, develop support systems, learn how to better communicate in your relationships, or craft growth plans to help you reach your specific goals.

In short, life coaches help you live your best life.


Think of your life coach as an accountability partner and guide. Life coaches use their expertise in human behavior to help you demolish mental roadblocks and build healthy and efficient habits in their place.

Here's what your life coach might help you with:

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"Is life coaching right for me?"

Here are some signs you might benefit from a life coach:

If one or more of those statements feels familiar, book a free consultation to find out if life coaching is right for you.

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What's the difference between life coaching and therapy?

Both therapy and life coaching focus on improving your overall quality of life, but the former is rooted in healing trauma and working through ongoing mental and emotional difficulties, while the latter helps you reach a higher level of performance. Therapy focuses on healing, while life coaching prioritizes goal-setting.

Here’s a quick overview of how these practices differ:

A life coach helps you:
A therapist helps you:


Audrey Eger Thompson, M.S.

Certified Executive and Wellness Coach

Long before Audrey became a certified life coach, she learned the impact of great coaching.

For her, it started at the age of 10, when she became a competitive swimmer. What was transformative about her own coaching experience was that, rather than be coached to compete with others, as is often the case in athletics, she was coached to compete solely with herself. Today, that simple yet powerful philosophy is at the core of her life-coaching practice.

Audrey’s goal in coaching is to help you be your best—not in a way that glorifies perfection, but by giving you the tools, insights, and clarity to grow.

Whether your goal is to advance in your career, build a healthy romantic relationship, or discover what you’re “born to do,” Audrey works with you to envision your long-term priorities, and then helps you create a path to reach them.

With a master’s in organizational development and more than a decade of experience with 1:1 executive coaching, in addition to running the largest statewide wellness program in Texas, Audrey’s approach to life coaching is rooted in her belief that personal wellness is tied to business success. She uses tools such as mindfulness, active listening, and positive psychology to help you build self-confidence and resiliency.

Audrey’s mother, Dr. Edith Eger, is a Holocaust survivor. Her book The Choice, a New York Times bestseller, chronicles Dr. Eger’s experiences, as well as the wisdom that grew from them. Audrey will be offering a group based on The Gift called “Using Choice as a Path for Transformation.” Contact us to learn more.

Available Coaching Services in Austin, TX

Leadership Coaching

In leadership coaching, we help you navigate work relationships, as well as leadership decisions and dynamics. We work in partnership with you to develop and grow your career. Our partnership may include: 

  • Identifying vision and goals
  • Create a personalized plan to achieve desired results
  • Preparing and rehearsing for high stakes meetings or difficult conversations
  • Understanding communication dynamics and your impact on others
  • Improving overall work performance and satisfaction

Life & Health Coaching

A well-designed life brings you greater satisfaction, better health, and increased resilience. In life & health coaching, we help you become the architect of the life you deserve. Our sessions may include: 

  • Defining a vision for your life 
  • Looking for patterns in your life that point you to your true purpose
  • Identifying self-care & health goals and ways to achieve them
  • Reimagining life with more joy & gratitude
  • Recognizing long standing thoughts and behaviors that sabotage results and designing strategies to overcome these negative habits 

Transition Coaching

You might be seeking a transition, or maybe you’re being forced into a transition with your family, your job, or another area of your life. We’ll support you as you work through the challenges and opportunities inherent in change. Our life transition sessions may include:

  • Discovering what your heart desires
  • Refocusing your life for more impact, influence and inspiration 
  • Evaluate what has worked and what to avoid
  • Identify and optimize your natural strengths
  • Rehearsing for your new role 
  • Practicing self- compassion skills


Using Choice as a path for Transformation

Do your thoughts keep you awake at night and nip at you during the day? Thoughts like: 

I don’t know how I’m going to make it through this.

Life is too hard.

People aren’t there for me.

Nothing works out.

In a safe, warm, and supportive group setting, our six-week workshop will give you the tools to liberate yourself from negative self-talk and the residue of painful memories, so you can create a new direction and know joy and satisfaction. 


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