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Every team member you hire has their exceptional qualities. After all, each new hire is the result of countless hours of interviews and résumé review. You work hard to find the best, because you want to produce the best.

And that’s what you get. The best engineers, advisors, coders, designers—the cream of the crop in your industry, who know exactly how to build, create, or sell like it’s what they were born to do.

But do they know how to lead?

That’s the trick when it comes to finding managers, directors, and other leaders for your team. You promote or hire someone because they’re great at what they do, but that doesn’t always translate to them being great at guiding others.

When you want the best of both worlds—team members who can lead as well as they perform, and who can achieve extraordinary results—you hire an executive coach.

At Just Mind, our executive coach, Audrey Eger Thompson, M.S., works with your top employees to create a highly individualized, intimate, and powerful plan of action to help them become strong leaders, capable of steering teams to perform at their highest level.

Depending on your team’s needs, Audrey might help them improve communication, learn how to be more strategic, navigate conflict, and set ambitious yet realistic goals for growth.

Executive coaching is for your team if you want your employees to have leadership skills that match their talent.


Think of an executive coach as an accountability partner and guide. Executive coaches use their expertise in human behavior to help your team demolish mental roadblocks and build healthy and efficient habits in their place.

Here's what an executive coach might focus on with your team:

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Here are some signs your team member or employee might benefit from an executive coach:

If one or more of those statements feels familiar, book a free consultation to find out if executive coaching is right for your team.

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Therapy is focused on improving overall quality of life, and is often rooted in healing trauma and working through ongoing mental and emotional difficulties. Executive coaching, on the other hand, helps your team reach a higher level of performance. Therapy focuses on healing, while executive coaching prioritizes leadership and goal-setting. 

Here’s a quick overview of how these practices differ:

An executive coach helps your team:
A therapist helps you:


Audrey Eger Thompson, M.S.

Certified Executive and Wellness Coach

Long before Audrey became a certified life coach, she learned the impact of great coaching.

For her, it started at the age of 10, when she became a competitive swimmer. What was transformative about her own coaching experience was that, rather than be coached to compete with others, as is often the case in athletics, she was coached to compete solely with herself. Today, that simple yet powerful philosophy is at the core of her life-coaching practice.

Audrey’s goal in coaching is to help you be your best—not in a way that glorifies perfection, but by giving you the tools, insights, and clarity to grow.

Whether your goal is to advance in your career, start your own business, master leadership skills, or discover what you’re “born to do,” Audrey works with you to envision your long-term priorities, and then helps you create a path to reach them.
With a master’s in organizational development and more than a decade of experience with 1:1 executive coaching, in addition to running the largest statewide wellness program in Texas, Audrey’s approach to life coaching is rooted in her belief that personal wellness is tied to business success. She uses tools such as mindfulness, active listening, and positive psychology to help you build self-confidence and resilience.

Audrey’s mother, Dr. Edith Eger, is a Holocaust survivor. Her book The Choice, a New York Times bestseller, chronicles Dr. Eger’s experiences, as well as the wisdom that grew from them. Audrey will be offering a group based on The Gift called “Using Choice as a Path for Transformation.” Contact us to learn more.

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