Don't Water the Weeds: Anxiety Management

Don’t Water the Weeds: Anxiety Management

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Anxiety is something that comes up for everyone. For some people it looks like sweaty palms and others may find themselves nervously chewing their nails as they are thinking about all of the things they have to do during the work week. Anxiety can be so debilitating that people have a hard time leaving their house or they end up in emergency rooms repeatedly feeling like they are having a heart attack due to panic attacks. The process of managing our anxiety and stress is essential to living a balanced life.

Don’t water the weeds?

I often talk to people about thinking about the pattern that they are weaving. Very commonly when you ask people about what their ideal life would look like, you quickly get a sense that elements of their ideal are out of alignment with reality. This isn’t a bad thing but it is important to see how people work to try and get those elements back in alignment. An important exercise is to list out your top 20 stressors and rank them in your list. Most of these stressors will have specific triggers and you should look to see common elements in those triggers as they may also be telling you something you need to modify in your life. The triggers are often the things I associate as the water for weeds. Many people don’t notice the weeds, a representation of their overall anxiety, till they have overtaken their garden/life.

Little exercises like writing out your top 20 stressors and their associated triggers will help you to see what is holding you back. It will also help your therapist as they work to get to the root of the problem with you and to try new approaches to managing this anxiety. You can read more about anxiety counseling on our dedicated page or contact us to make a counseling appointment.