Men’s Issues Counseling – Change Your Life At Work and Home

  • After Divorce Transitions

    Divorce is painful and men tend to struggle with positive coping techniques. Learn tools to help cope, grow from past pain, coparent, grieve, and build new insight that will help you in future relationships.

  • Anger Management

    Do your arguments affect your relationship with friends and loved ones? Anger can be a useful tool and it can also be destructive and isolating. In counseling, we take a look at your relationship with your anger and find more productive ways to work through frustration.

  • Building Intimacy at Home

    Rebuild romance and rekindling sex with new insight, skills, and communication tools.

  • Changing Relationship Patterns

    Learn tools to better understand yourself and communicate more effectively at work and at home. Learn evidence based tools that help people become masters of interpersonal relationships.

  • Finding Meaning

    Finding meaning in your personal and professional life can be a challenge. Our therapists can help you audit your past and build a more fulfilling future.

  • Having A Baby

    There are many issues that can come up for men and women here. Issues like miscarriages, although common, people rarely talk about and they are different for each person to cope with as the emotions vary. Fertility issues and trying to get pregnant can also be another strain. The decision to have a baby can also be a challenge for men as they consider all of the changes ahead.

  • Stress Management

    Do you frequently have stress at work and home? Do you notice it progressing into more negative patterns in your life? If so, we can help you with a variety of evidence based approaches to more effectively cope with stress.

  • Work Life Balance

    Creating work and life balance is tricky for many men in our modern world. We are tethered to work and tethered to home. We help you audit your priorities and create a new plan and tools to have better coping techniques and balance in life.

  • We Can Help

    We will help by outfitting you with the right tools to de-escalate your stress and help refocus your life.

How Does Counseling Help?

Growing up as a man often means we have difficulty sitting with our emotions. The messaging from childhood was often to ignore our emotions and that they are a sign of weakness.

Toughen up and be a man.

Stop crying or I will give you something to cry about.

If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

What will the neighbors think if they saw you like this?

The idea of being tough was praised and being emotional was bad. All of this messaging can be a huge challenge for men as they face stress from work, marriage, kids, and throughout all of that, trying to find meaning in work and home life. The true and authentic self can be lost or forgotten.

So why try counseling? Yes, counseling can be challenging for guys that have had their emotions walled off for many for years and who have never tried it before. We encourage men coming into counseling for the first time to really think heavily about what they want to accomplish overall and each week. Our goal as therapists are to try and assess what each person’s goals are and looking at the steps that they can see themselves taking to accomplish those goals. This helps for greater therapeutic alignment and the potential for goal attainment.

Whether you are coming in to try and build greater intimacy in relationships, finding meaning at work or in life, trying to build better coping skills for stress, trying to create greater balance between work and home, working on anger management or life after divorce, or just changing relationship patterns, we can help. Our therapists are versed on evidence based practices and we have frequent continuing education events to help them learn new ways to help you achieve your goals.