• Individual Counseling and Coaching

Through individual counseling and coaching, we help clients come to a better understanding of what they need to find individual happiness and to empower them to overcome obstacles in their path. We provide a comfortable and casual atmosphere for therapy so clients feel at ease when speaking with us.

Our consult areas include:

  • ADHD Counseling

    Finding success with ADHD/ADD is a big process of tuning your life. Some of the things we can help with are mindfulness, medications, nutrition, exercise, improved stress management tools, sleep, and more. Our personal experience allows us to help others find the right methods that will help them manage their ADHD. We understand how it affects peoples lives, relationships, and work experience. Through this they have developed a deep understanding of the gifts and frustrations of life with ADHD.

  • Aspergers Counseling

    Our practice understands that everyone is unique and there isn’t any one way to approach difficulties in life. We use a hybrid approach that is personally tailored to each individual. People who suspect they have Aspergers or Autism are likely already pretty hard on themselves. Our goal is to help them to build on their gifts and work on strategies to overcome the trickier parts.

  • Anxiety Management

    Does your anxiety cause you to shut down? Do you feel limited from living life the way you want to? Have you ever experienced a panic attack? If you answered yes to any of these things, we can help. We often liken anxiety to it being like a fire on a stove… a little bit is good but too high a flame and you will burn a lot of things. Our goal is to help you tie into your triggers, learn successful coping techniques, and dial down your anxiety to a more manageable level.

  • Brainstorming New Paths In Life

    If you have decisions ahead of you and need to consult to figure out which way is best for you, we can help. We like to think of ourselves as personal happiness locators.

  • Career Counseling

    Our services vary from basic resume writing help to wraparound support with videotaped mock interviews with a guided critique and skill polishing.

  • Child Counseling

    “Bird fly, fish swim, children play.” At Just Mind, we love the work of Gary Landreth and understand that the way into the world of children is through play. Our therapists are trained in play therapy and sand tray and can help them work through what is bothering them and help parents and children find tools to better cope with difficulties.

  • Dating Coaching and Overcoming Relationship Roadblocks

    Finding new love in life is a process and one that requires careful thought in todays busy world. Many people feel they can’t securely attach to anyone and they are often left without the validation and security that they crave in relationships. We can help you with your assessment, help you to understand your own past patterns, and work to change the structure of future relationships!

  • Free Counseling For Those Affected By Cancer

    Through our alliance with The Flatwater Foundation, we can provide counseling totally free of charge to those immediately affected by cancer and their loved ones. Contact us and we will let you know how to qualify through Texas Oncology, Livestrong, or Breast Cancer Resource Center.

  • Stress and Anger Management

    Has anyone ever told you that you have a problem with anger? For many people, anger is not well understood. It also generates a great deal of negative opinion, due to its relationship to behaviors that are harmful to oneself or others. However, anger is part of the human experience and no worse or better than any other emotion. All emotions, including anger, can serve a useful purpose, or can be misused. Since most people haven’t given much thought to examining their relationship to anger, we will be doing just that, and working towards making that relationship a healthy one.

  • Teen Counseling

    The teenage years are some of the toughest for kids. Kids start to struggle with some of the tougher realities of growing up and often they need support with this process. Everyone wants their child to be a fully functional independent adult at 18 and that means learning and utilizing healthy coping mechanisms. We work with them to help them grow and learn through this tricky time. Our therapists have over 10-20 years of experience working with teens.

  • Tuning Up Your Personal Relationships

    Are you having trouble with the difficult people in your life? If so, we can be of service to help assess and discuss strategies to figure out new pathways to create the change you deserve in life.

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