Group counseling is an excellent way to study individual dynamics in a free form and a very powerful form of psychotherapy. Many individual counseling graduate elect for group therapy as a next step where they can experience and understand how they defend against many feelings in the present moment. These feelings are explored with others who are feeling similarly in a climate of curiosity and tolerance.

Regular group participation is asked of all participants and most people stay in groups 10+ weeks. This helps norms to develop which help to facilitate self-exploration and growth. This helps everyone to learn to better identify and express their feelings, and to have more fulfilling relationships. This tends to also propagate to work, marriages, and friendships. Prices for groups vary upon size and the number of facilitators.

Active Groups:

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  • Other Austin Therapy Groups: If we don’t have the group you are looking for, we have put together a spreadsheet of the ones we know are currently running.

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