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Surviving Holidays With Family

By Emily Stone The holiday season is upon us and whether you will stay near or go far, chances are that you will be spending time with loved ones. For some that means a small, close knit group of friends. For others it is a large, hardy gathering of extended family members. For the rest […]

How Do You Develop Emotional Resilience?

By Emily Stone As we grow, we develop in a variety of ways. We develop physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. One way growth happens is by navigating challenging situations. Struggle prompts growth. We see children go through this process in school every day. New information or a new skill is introduced. Next, there is concentrated […]

Can Trust Be Rebuilt?

By Emily Stone When we think of breaking trust in a couple relationship we often think of infidelity. The truth is that trust can be built…and broken…in a variety of ways. Trust is built slowly over time. It is also broken with seemingly small actions and inactions that erode at the sense of safety in […]

What Are the Stages of Coming Out?

There is a good chance you have heard of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s stages of grief, known as the acronym DABDA. When working with people who discovered that they would die soon, she observed a five-stage journey through which they seemed to progress. The stages are not linear. A person often jumps around, as they walk this […]

Practicing Therapist Self-Care

By Ian Hammonds Are you a new therapist overwhelmed by finding a work-life balance in this often unpredictable profession? Are you a seasoned clinician only now beginning to realize you need healthier ways to handle the long-term stress associated with counseling? Or are you already well-aware of the importance of self-care and on a journey […]

How Does Music Affect Emotions?

By Reuben Brody for Just Mind It’s 7:00 AM. Your alarm is alerting you that you need to get out of bed. But you’re not feeling it. You drag yourself to the bathroom. The light is bright. You wash, brush teeth, brush hair, and deodorize. You look back at your bed; it beckons. Static builds […]