What Are Panic Attacks?

What are panic attacks?

By Daniel Hochman, MD and William Schroeder, LPC Have you ever wondered what are panic attacks and why do people have them? Panic attack symptoms can be incredibly debilitating and embarrassing, and change the way people live. If they make you avoid grocery store and roads, it makes life pretty darn hard to navigate. You […]

Taking Back Turkey Day!

Taking Back Turkey Day

by Adam Maurer, LMFT, LPC  Thanksgiving is one of the most challenging holidays for some folx. Sandwiched in between two major month-long events, Halloween and Christmas, turkey day seems rather charming from afar. It’s the kickoff to the holiday season. A short twenty-four hours packed with football, parades, and pumpkin pie. The hardest part of […]

When Love & Addiction Collide

When Love & Addiction Collide

Love is a funny thing; sometimes it makes a lot of sense and other times it’s quite bewildering. Similarly, addiction appears in the same fashion. What we’ll be exploring today is what happens when your love interest develops a substance abuse problem or an outright addiction and how you can help them (and yourself). What […]

What to Do with Kids in Austin

Things To Do With Kids In Austin

By: Loren Lomme, LPC, RPT Have you ever thought, “Man, things would be so much easier if parenting came with a handbook!”? (I have!) While it’s true that there’s no one handbook for all things parenting, there are lots of resources out there for parents. The problem is it takes a lot of time and […]

How to Find the Right Therapist

How To Find The Right Therapist

By William Schroeder, MA, LPC, NCC The question of how to find the right therapist comes up frequently from friends. In our group practice, we have clinicians who are part of our scheduling team, and they individually screen clients to ensure that we do everything possible to make sure clients get paired correctly. In general, I […]

How to Get into the Habit of Exercising Every Day

How to get into the habit of exercising every day

Frequently I will have clients seek guidance on how to get into the habit of exercising every day. Exercise is an important component of mental health as it decreases cortisol levels (a stress hormone), stimulates the process of neurogenesis, it helps to increase dopamine and serotonin levels. If you exercise, it helps to cut anxiety and […]