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8 Tips for Online Therapy

If you have questions about best practices for online therapy as a clinician, a client/patient, or even as a person who is now forced to have teleconference sessions from home, this guide should be helpful to you. Video conferencing software Since HIPAA has gone out the window, my advice on this is to find a […]

COVID-19 Preparations at Just Mind

3/19/20 update: Dear clients, we are working to find ways to support you while we go through this challenging time and to keep everyone’s safety a top priority. At this moment we are only offering telehealth to give online and phone support. These sessions can be done on pretty much any smartphone, tablet, or computer, […]

Breaking Codependency in Relationships

Ian Hammonds, LPC Intern “Islands in the stream, that is what we are. . .” As a therapist, I frequently work with clients on breaking codependency in relationships. In this post, I will give you tips to help do this on your own. In a world that places so much emphasis on relying on our […]

Tips for Coming Out

By Kyla Winlow, LCSW Coming out is a journey. I definitely experienced the rainbows and joys of living my truth by coming out. But there were also some cloudy days and stormy weather along that path. Here are some tips I have picked through my journey: First, I want to take away the pressure of […]

New Year, New Podcast to Listen To

By Adam Maurer, LPC, LMFT I always know when that new year begins because my gym fills with people, folks who have resolved that this year will be the year that they workout. And though I hope they reach their fitness goals, a part of me is bummed because I know my usual gym routine […]

How Much Does Counseling Cost in Austin?

Counseling prices vary a lot by the market, by the provider, number of years of experience, specialization, and by service. In Austin, counseling on average tends to cost between $100 – $200 per hour and the average being around $150. If you want to know more specifics on how much does counseling cost, check out […]