Susan Gurney, LPC

Susan Gurney, LPC

Counselor: Adults

Susan is passionate about counseling and working with clients to address their specific needs. She has a particular focus in areas such as Autism (previously known as Aspergers & ASD), ADHD, anxiety, social skills, depression, and relationship issues. Susan loves helping clients begin to discover who they are and become their true, authentic selves. In particular, Susan has more than two years of experience working with clients on the autism spectrum at The College Living Experience. Susan’s work with the Autistic population has provided her with the ability to tailor the therapy experience to each client. She utilizes out-of-the-box techniques—such as board games, video games, and other interest-based activities, along with humor—to create a collaborative experience. Through these media, she works to help address the underlying needs of her clients and to address issues like social skills, anxiety, and depression. Susan has also worked with Autism clients in career development.

Areas of Specialty

$140 per session for individuals
$155 per session for couples

Areas of Specialty

Educational Background

BA in Speech Communication, Texas State University MA, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, South University

Why Therapy?

I wanted to be a therapist when I first went to college, but I ended up in banking for 17 years. After years of not being happy in my job and doing a lot of soul searching in my own therapy, I decided to go to graduate school and pursue counseling.

Professional Motivation

Being a safe person for people to express their feelings while feeling supported.


I love to read, watch movies, comedy shows and trivia nights.

Previous Occupations

I was an operations and teller manager and then spent 7.5 years as a trust administrator for a large bank. I did my practicum and internship hours required for graduate school working at College Living Experience which is a transition program for young adults with Autism to have support while pursuing college or career.

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