Rebeka Villarreal, LCSW

Rebeka Villarreal, LCSW – Counselor

Counselor: Teens, Adults

Rebeka is committed to building supportive and strong therapeutic relationships with clients. She is passionate about supporting individuals as they discover their authentic selves and move toward inner peace. To accomplish this, she partners with clients to understand their narratives, life circumstances, and internal architectures. Rebeka facilitates learning that leads to new ways of thinking and communicating, enhanced coping strategies, and increased ability to manage emotions. Rebeka specializes in helping people navigate life transitions, co-parenting, self-esteem, grief and loss, infertility, and helping people get “unstuck.” Rebeka works with clients from a neurobiological perspective and utilizes mindfulness, accountability, honesty, and humor to engage clients.


$140 per session for individuals

Areas of Specialty

Educational Background

I earned both my BSW and MSSW from The University of Texas at Austin.

Why Therapy?

I always knew I wanted to be in a helping profession. As a teenager, I became fascinated with the idea of becoming a therapist. Learning more about evidenced-based practice and finding my way into the field. My path was a bit convoluted, but I got here as quickly as possible! I have always rooted for the underdog and have a code that is deeply justice-oriented. I have lived my life in a way that stands up to and interrupts injustices. For me being a social worker and therapist has been a calling, the right fit. I am deeply passionate about partnering with people to discover and feel confident in their authentic selves. I landed in higher education for my career and found myself returning to the dream I had when I was seventeen, which is how I decided to become a therapist.

Professional Motivation

What I enjoy most about being in the counseling field is helping people get “unstuck” and empowering them to find peace and achieve their goals.


I enjoy camping and reading about different cultural foods and making them. I love traveling to the the Mexican coast and soaking up the sun. I’m always up for a friendly competition/game night.

Previous Occupations

Specifically related to the field, I worked at Taylor ISD for the EvenStart program, The City of Austin’s community court (DACC or Downtown Austin Community Court) and currently I work at Austin Community College as a Success Coach.

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