Linus Streckfus, LPC Intern, NCC

Linus Streckfus, LPC, NCC

Counselor: Adults, Couples

I spent my 20’s as an emerging artist and musician in an Austin-based punk rock band and understand the passion of creative drives and the struggle to live a creative life.  I went on to finish an Arts & Humanities degree and a MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, working on my own mental wellness growth in the process. Therapy with me is insight-oriented and experiential. I believe therapy can help you get to know yourself better – move beyond any long-standing fear, inner critical voice, or diagnosis – and enable transformation from the inside out.  People I work with include early and middle aged adults, performing artists & writers, LGBTQ+ community, and culturally blended couples. Issues we focus on include fear and anxiety, lack of fulfillment, grief, loss of identity, sexuality, workaholism, perfectionism, sexual abuse, trauma and addiction recovery.  To assist in incremental change, I utilize and integrate couples counseling and individual interventions informed by EFT, Gottman, Jungian dream work, and NICABM. I am validating and collaborative, working to stand alongside you in looking at what is being faced, to help access new ways of being and feeling.


$140 per session for individuals
$155 per session for couples & families

Areas of Specialty

Educational Background

I have a Master’s from Texas State University, and a BA from University of Chicago.

Why Therapy?

Psychology has been a lifelong interest, but I never considered it as a career path until three things influenced me. One was my experience studying 100 Parable Sutra, a text on senseless human action that brings compassion, wisdom, and humanity.  In it, I recognized the gazillion ways I had avoided my own balance and well being.  Secondly, I was influenced by several failed attempts at seriously writing my own life’s story.  I was determined – but I suffered so severely from writer’s block, you might even call it life block.  Picking up the pen, I was like a wobbly animal, frightened and slipping on the ice of my own disowned experience.  But through my writing practice I reached something within driven to adapt and heal.  Finally, my biggest influence was doing my own work in therapy.  I practiced coping skills that allowed me to overcome threats and face fears.  I learned to look inward to guide myself.  I began to notice myself and my internal world in new ways.  My therapists made it safe for me to visit a difficult past without being hijacked by it.


Writing, music, art galleries.

Previous Occupations

Coffee farmer, Rock musician, Writing tutor

Professional Motivation

I love helping someone to realize their talents and dreams. Or to re-discover their capacity to imagine and plan a next move. Aha moments.

Get started on your pathway to change.


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