Karina Lutfey, LMFT Associate

Karina Lutfey, LMFT Associate – Counselor

(She/her) | Adults, Teens, Families, Couples

Karina works with families, couples, individuals, and teens, and aims to help her clients make sense of their current concerns and struggles.

One way Karina does this is by seeking to understand how clients’ early relationship patterns influence their current ones. She’s interested in her clients’ interpretations of the root cause(s) of their concerns, and she believes this type of insight allows clients to gain control of their lives in a new way. She uses various techniques to help clients inch out of their comfort zones and disrupt patterns that may be instigating their concerns.

Working within the framework of family systems theory, Karina also keeps in mind the profound impact a client’s family has on the way they show up to the world. She defines the term “family” broadly to encompass all meaningful relationships, which can include extended family members, friends, community members, pets, and so forth.

Karina approaches her therapeutic relationships with authenticity, plays upon each client’s strengths and quirks, and encourages her clients to lean into vulnerability. While she can guide clients through emotionally heavy sessions with empathy, Karina loves to laugh with her clients, too.

Karina is supervised by Amanda Wallingsford, LMFT-S #202207.


$125 per session for individuals
$140 per session for couples & families

Areas of Specialty

Educational Background

Bachelor of Science in Psychology from University of Miami; Master of Science in Education (MS.Ed) in Counseling/Marriage and Family Therapy from University of Miami

Why Therapy?

I was a very empathic child and always felt my emotions strongly. I was introduced to therapy during my adolescence, and since then, I felt drawn to create safe spaces for others to express themselves freely. As I grew up and pursued my degrees, I noticed that my overall personality and interactions were naturally therapeutic, and this gave me further confirmation that being a therapist was the right career choice for me. It is such a liberating feeling to let your thoughts and feelings out, even if they are scary and uncomfortable. My passion stems from my clients reaching a place where they feel truly heard, valued, and important. I believe these are some of the first steps towards mental well-being.

Professional Motivation

I love learning from my clients. The therapeutic relationship is mutual and collaborative. A client may start therapy to learn more about themselves and how they can live a more fulfilled life. All the while, maintaining a curious and non-judgmental stance, I learn so much from their unique life story and experiences.


Practicing yoga, indoor cycling, being in the fresh air, walking, hanging out with my two panther chameleons and any other animals I come across, cooking plant-based meals and trying all of the awesome vegan restaurants in Austin.

Previous Occupations

Before Just Mind, I have worked at a university setting facilitating mental health outreach, a university-affiliated counseling center, an outpatient substance abuse treatment center, and at a dog training company. I hope that one day, I can combine my passions for therapy and for working with animals.

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