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Eileen Kinney Lindgren, LMFT

Eileen Kinney Lindgren, LMFT

Counselor: Parents, Adults, Teens

Eileen’s style is warm, curious, resource-oriented, and playful. She works through the therapeutic relationship using what is present in the moment and integrates the mind-body connection. As the work unfolds, she guides clients to feel more compassion and less shame for automatic reactions that can lead to challenging behaviors. Healing comes from learning to tune into these automatic patterns and feeling safe enough to make different choices. In the process, there is less energy spent on managing these responses and more space to deeply connect with self and others.

Her biggest passion is breaking the cycle of developmental trauma. After nearly 10 years of working with children and adolescents she broadened her focus to working with adolescents (15+), young adults, and parents in order to address unconscious patterns that deeply affect emotions, behavior, relationships, physiology, and identity. These patterns can become especially apparent under the stress of parenting, which can make this an opportune time to break the cycle of developmental trauma and provide a more secure attachment in order to best support the child’s development as well. Eileen welcomes clients who struggle with anxiety, depression, parenting, adulting, ADHD, grief/anticipatory grief, relational challenges, finding purpose, and life transitions. Her work draws on the NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM) for addressing attachment, relationship, and developmental trauma as well as attachment theory, interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB), somatic awareness, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Areas of Specialty

Educational Background

Institute of Transpersonal Psychology/Sofia University (Masters in Counseling Psychology); Cornell University (Masters in Business Administration); Colby College (Political Science and East Asian Studies)

Why Therapy?

I started my own therapeutic journey in hopes of creating a loving and connected environment for my growing family. I knew I had some obstacles to work through to make that possible. I found the process to be so personally transformational that I decided to make it my life’s work. Now my days bring me joy as I watch others do the same.

Professional Motivation

I’m a lifelong learner and it’s exciting to be part of a profession that is rapidly evolving and directly supporting people to live their best life. There is nothing more rewarding than sitting with a client and witnessing small and large shifts that bring them closer in alignment to their true selves. Being in the presence of that is truly an honor.


Brisk walk with friends, binging on podcasts and audiobooks, getting out in nature whenever possible, hiking and cooking with my family, unabashedly napping, and playing hide and seek with our unbelievably adorable dog, Rumi.

Previous Occupations

The ones that garnered the best stories were English teacher in Japan and pub-tender in London, but I spent the most time building a career in global high tech marketing. After having kids, I became completely fascinated with mental health and wellness and worked as a counselor in elementary and high schools in Palo Alto, CA. I also spent several years as a Youth and Family Grief Counselor and Bereavement Camp Counselor for Kara, an organization that supports children, adolescents, and adults working through grief.


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