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Audrey Eger Thompson, M.S.

Audrey Eger Thompson, M.S.

Certified Executive and Wellness Coach

Audrey is passionate about working with individuals by envisioning their long-term priorities and identifying the path to reach them. As an accountability partner, Audrey’s life coaching approach helps clients realize their strengths, motivators, and patterns that may constrain growth.

As a leadership coach, she addresses ways to manage daily demands while pursuing their vision. A long-time practitioner of individual and organizational change, she employs mindfulness, active listening, and positive psychology to build self-confidence and increase resiliency, building skills in her clients that extend beyond their current role. Her approach to coaching incorporates her firm belief that personal wellness is tied to business success.

Coaching is a trusting dynamic between individuals. The person being coached often seeks to achieve a goal, get clarity or overcome an obstacle. I offer support in this process by listening, asking questions, and possibly challenging what is being expressed. Through the act of relating to a coach, by voicing, expressing, being heard, having a dialogue, and getting feedback, ideas emerge and become clearer, goals come alive and action steps can be shaped. In the confidential space of the coaching dialogue, the focus is on the person being coached and achieving their goals and intentions: two people working on one agenda while maintaining their autonomy as individuals. I would be honored to support you as your coach.

Audrey’s mother, Dr. Edith Eger, is a Holocaust survivor. Her book, The Choice, a New York Times bestseller, chronicles her experiences and the wisdom that grew out of them. Audrey will be offering a group based on this work called “Using Choice as a path for Transformation.”

Areas of Specialty

Educational Background

Audrey is a graduate of both Leadership Austin and Leadership Texas. She has a master’s degree in Organizational Development and coaching certifications from Wellcoaches (ICF), Cooper Institute, Six Sigma and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

Why Life Coaching?

She is passionate about working with individuals by envisioning their long-term priorities and identifying the path to reach them.

Professional Motivation

Audrey seeks to inspire individuals or groups to visualize the life they want, deepen self-compassion and gain new perspectives on persistent habits.


In the community, Audrey volunteers for non-profits and enjoys open-water swimming.

Previous Occupations

For over a decade, Audrey was responsible for managing Texas’ largest statewide wellness program, and through that, offered one-on-one wellness and executive coaching.

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