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ADHD in College Students

by William Schroeder & Scott Allen Attending college is an entire new level for every young adult. Subject matter becomes more dense, hours invested in studying dramatically increase, and tests and homework become more challenging. Along with this, many young adults are now on their own, so they have to manage work, school, and personal […]


How to Naturally Treat ADHD in Children and Adults

Looking back on my teen years, I can remember the struggles my parents faced with a child with ADHD. What follows are some simple tips on how to naturally treat ADHD in children and adults. Everyday mindfulness: I would also suggest working on mindfulness and trying it on small things: eating, washing dishes, textures, folding […]


What ADHD Is Really like and What to Do About It

By William Schroeder, MA, LPC, NCC I am a therapist in Austin and have ADHD, and I want to write about what this experience has been like for me to help others who are also on this journey. Let me first start with the frustrating aspects and then move to the positive. Today I am […]


Simple ADHD Treatment Strategies

We have a lot of clients that ask, “If I have ADHD, do I have to take medication?” Indeed, medication can be a part of treatment, but when you only take medication to treat the thing you are weak at, it can potentially make you weaker in that area. Dr. Edward Hallowell describes ADHD as having a Ferrari […]


Communication Strategies in ADHD Relationships

I can’t tell you how often I see people come into my office who clearly have adult ADHD and yet they were never diagnosed. What will often bring them in is difficulty in their relationship or work and then as we pick apart those tricky areas, we work to build strategies to overcome those obstacles. […]


What ADHD Looks like in College

I want to tell a personal story about what ADHD looks like in college. I hear variations of this story very frequently, and I know it all too well because it happened to me. College is a whole new level for many kids attempting to organize what can feel like chaos. Some kids with attention […]