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How Can We Help You?

Have you heard of the story of Gulliver’s travels? Gulliver wakes up, all tied down–a prisoner to a tiny people. Many people feel this way coming into counseling, as problems in life have them “tied down.” Our consultants and counselors specialize at analyzing what is it that’s holding you back, and working with you to set you free.

Meet Our Team

Finding the right counselor can be tricky and we want to help you make that process as easy as possible. We pride ourselves on being very warm, hip, knowledgeable, and relatable counselors and our consultants run the gambit from slightly introverted to very extroverted. We guarantee we will help you find the right fit for counseling in Austin.


What others say about us

Mary-Jane Warren

I refer my patients to Just Mind for individual and group therapy.  I get back reports that have been universally positive. The scheduling is straight forward, they provide valuable feedback, they are congenial, and a pleasure to work with.

Mary-Jane WarrenNurse practionerAustin Family Health
Lavanya Balasingham

William is a very kind and skillful therapist, and I always feel confident that when I refer people to see him they will be well cared for.

Lavanya BalasinghamPsychologistLavanya Balasingham Psychotherapy
Nakia Scott

I refer patients to Just Mind for individual therapy.  They empower individuals with very useful coping skills.  They provide a valuable service to the community, and have been a pleasure to work with.

Nakia ScottPsychiatristHolistic Mental Health
Alex Conant

Just Mind is a great group with a plethora of therapists that ensures the group’s ability to pair clients with therapists who can best relate and meet the client’s needs. The staff is efficient and responds in a timely fashion. There is not a better group in Austin to seek help from.

Alex ConantAttorneyAmini Conant

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